“It is always good for us, as Africans, to see what we call “survivals,”

for lack of a better word, because they are indications of

African culture as it was–its distinct characteristics.

When you have that reinforced after many years of exodus,

it means that there is something in the culture that can survive

in spite of the changes taking place…

Congo Square is evidence of what happened.

A culture that is able to survive is not any kind of culture–it is resilient.

It is able to transform itself and yet keep its vitality.”

J.H. Kwabena ‘Nketia, Ph.D.

From the Forward of Congo Square: African Roots in New Orleans

Freddi and Dr. Nketia
Professor Nketia and Freddi Evans, 1980s
Freddi Evans and Professor Nketia, 2005
Professor Nketia and Freddi Evans, 2006

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