Congo Square Marketplace: 

Congo Square African Marketplace at the jazz fest is one of the three main areas of vending and craft-making demonstrations. It features vendors from African countries and the Diaspora as well as a wide variety of local, national, and international crafts and artisans. This marketplace pays homage to the marketing culture and economic exchange that was integral to the Sunday gatherings in Congo Square.  

The Congo Square Stage: 

This popular stage at the jazz fest features African, Afro-centric, and world music. The name “Congo Square” pays homage to the New Orleans location where enslaved black people gathered on Sunday afternoons and the music that they perpetuated there. 

The Congo Square Poster: 

Congo Square Jazz Fest posters began 1993 when Bright Moments, a Black-owned New  Orleans Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising agency, received the contract to produce that year’s posters. Read more